adjective: consulting

engaged in the business of giving expert advice to people working in a professional or technical field.

noun: consulting

the business of giving expert advice to other professionals, typically in financial and business matters.



It seems everyone is a consultant. That is because the word Consultant is so generic.


RAP’s specific area of expertise is Coatings, in particular where RAP’s will provide solutions for;


1. Corrosion protection using protective coatings.

Protective coatings are the material you use to create a barrier between the Asset and the environment. Whether it is; galvanizing, powder coating, fiberglass, rubber linings or liquid coatings, RAP can assess your project objectives and provide your team with the solutions and documentation required for successful project delivery.


2. Project delivery for protective coating projects.

Their unique skill set is their field experience on protective coatings projects. RAP can assist you in identifying areas of project risk whether it is risk to reputation, safety, quality, environmental, contractual or cost and help deliver a “remedy” in balancing the risks.


3. If it’s a Remedy you need...

What if you call RAP too late and your project is experiencing difficulty? RAP has the experience to understand the dynamics of a protective coatings project but more importantly, they will assess the project objectives and nominate the most direct path towards those objectives.


Whether it is;

  1. Finding the root cause.
  2. Failure analysis.
  3. Defect mapping.
  4. Contractor negotiation.
  5. Dispute resolution.
  6. Specification review & alignment

RAP staff uses a balance of strict contractual compliance with an ability to negotiate through the various relationships to arrive at your objectives.


Included in their free initial consultation, RAP will identify your organisations strengths. Then its just a matter of assessing whether there are any skills required for the project that your team don’t possess.


RAP will then tailor a proposal to provide their consulting and inspection services to fill the skills gap.