noun The act of tendering; an offer of something for acceptance.

Commerce. an offer made in writing by one party to another to execute certain work, supply certain commodities, etc., at a given cost; bid.

Tendering Management

RAP’s tendering management assists you with collecting the necessary project documentation and coating specifications to go to market for Contractors to submit their quotations.

Once RAP has assessed your organisations objectives for the project they will;

  1. Align your budget estimates with project estimates.
  2. Assess contract documentation you have in-house and make recommendations on any additional documentation that may be needed.
  3. Review or develop a coatings specification to align with the project objectives.
  4. Provide options for Contractor prequalification so you are not inundated with poor submissions.
  5. Provide advice to you on Contractor enquiries during the tender submission process.
  6. Provide advice on tender proposal evaluations.
  7. Chair or attend post tender interviews with shortlisted candidates.
  8. Provide advice on Contractor selection.
  9. Chair or attend a pre start meeting to ensure all the parties have a clear understanding of the Specification & project objectives.


Included in their free initial consultation, RAP will identify your organisations strengths. Then it’s just a matter of assessing whether there are any skills required for the project that your team doesn’t possess.

RAP will then tailor a proposal to provide their consulting and inspection services to fill the skills gap.