noun A means of counteracting or eliminating something undesirable.


verb: remedy; 3rd person present: remedies; past tense: remedied; past participle: remedied; gerund or present participle: remedying

set right (an undesirable situation)."by the time a problem becomes patently obvious, it may be almost too late to remedy it"

synonyms: put/set right, put/set to rights, right, rectify, solve, sort out, straighten out, resolve, correct, repair, mend, make good "local authorities are working to remedy the situation"

Asset Owners
An “asset Owner” is the entity that owns or controls the asset.
A Specifier is the party that has developed a coating system & specification, usually on behalf of the Asset Owner.
Project Managers
Project Managers need to be resourceful and are typically generalists in many fields. They need specialists to deal with....
Applicators & Fabricators
Applicators & Fabricators are typically the Contractors, sub-contractor & sometimes the sub-contractor of the sub-contractor.